The application is the first step to the journey of a lifetime.

Your next life-altering experience or epiphany can happen in the serenity of a tropical beach, the adventure of an exciting excursion, the buzz in a busy metropolis, or even in the bond you build with your fellow travelers.

The application process does not bind you to a commitment, but it does give us an introduction to you and what drives you, and is the precursor to the interview process. *There is a $25 processing fee* Once submitted, applications will be diligently reviewed, and you can expect a response within 7 business days.

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You ain't got to lie – information you disclose here is private and will not be held against you in our selection process. It is, however, important for us to have this information so as to properly advise you on risks and/or precautions pertaining to our trip and daily life in our destination cities.
Some of our destination cities are more physically demanding than others, and we want this section to act as a gauge for you to self-consider when picking a chapter.
Feel free to include hobbies, interests, or links to your favourite websites. Anything that will give us a better picture of who you are!