Lisbon, Portugal

set sea — june 2019

The stunning costal capital city of Portugal, known for its colorful tiled walls, rolling hills, and fresh ocean breeze, is one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Western Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking. A lively, but serene and melancholic place, bursting with creativity and arts, thoughtful spaces and designers alike, it’s no secret that Lisbon has become the new hot spot for the artistic traveler.

The Portuguese way of life is easy to adapt to. Espresso along a cobblestone street, a jaunt down to the ocean for a good walk, and long dinners all make for a typical day in Lisbon. Prepare to let it sweep you off your feet.



This is your experience and ultimately how you spend your time will be your choice alone. Lisbon is filled with numerous cultural gems and discovery, with easy access to nearby cities, adventures and weekend escapes.

As a group we will discuss and decide which trips to take together and others you can choose to plan on your own.

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