the community


We care about you, your momma, what’s going on with you in any given day, and so on. It’s a family vibe. It’s a community. It’s a 'Poetic Justice family reunion cookout travels-the-world' type of vibe. It’s an, 'I don’t know you, but I feel you' type of vibe. 

Remember the thriving little black villages during the time of Black Wall Street? A time when we came together as a community -to eat, lament, laugh, dance, problem solve, work, and ultimately live and discover ourselves. It’s that type of vibe.

We don’t just travel to locations, throw people together in a country, meet up once with empty encounters, and slap some wi-fi together till we get ready to fly to the next country.


We live there, together. You have your own time, and your own place to call home, but a bonus ‘family’ in the neighborhood. We come together like a village should. We share, we laugh, and we support each other. We make sure you are prepared and connected before we even leave the U.S. Because we are a community first, we’ve taken special diligence and care in the experience, at each step along the way.

By the end of it all, we’ll all be cousin status at each others family gatherings.

Extended Family

Looking for more options or traveling on your own? We've made some pretty cool friends along the way...
If you happen to be traveling in the world on your own, and our itineraries align,
we encourage you to come find us!

We're open to like-vibed collaborations and meet-ups.
If you have something in mind, reach out! It's all love.