How does it work?

We travel to a new country each month, in 3 phases of 4 months each, to places with a unique connection, perspective, or offering to the black traveler. Each leg of the journey is themed, like a pop-up story unraveling in all its marvel and curiosity.  We appreciate those who stay the entire year, but you could also create an experience from 4-12 months. Because a community that tribes together, should vibe together, we only open up to 30 spaces at any given time, and we take special TLC to our application and interview process.




Bali, Indonesia
Goa, India
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Nairobi, Kenya
Cape Town, South Africa
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Medellin, Colombia

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MAY 2019 — AUGUST 2019

Marrakech, Morocco
Lisbon, Portugal
Barcelona, Spain
Rome, Italy

What's included?

Welcome Dinner and walking tour in each location

Hushbox with a selection of caravan goods + Itinerary guide

First flight from the U.S to starting destination (Morocco, Bali, Kenya)

Flights between itinerary destinations

Transportation to and from airport

Private room in furnished apartment (double occupancy available)

Weekly HUSHIZM gatherings — a platform for our co-created experience

Unique monthly meet-ups, experiences and volunteer opportunities

Dedicated co-working space equipped with Wi-Fi in each location

$3,000 deposit + $2,200 per month



12 cities around the world,
with endless potential for
customizing your experience
from 4 to 12 months.



Private room in fully furnished
apartment accommodations with Wi-Fi, kitchen, and comfortable work
and living space.


live like a local

Traveling community, co-working
space membership, local gatherings and
an abundance of cafes, settle in... 
this lifestyle is yours.



Our weekly co-created vibe sessions where we gather together to share,
laugh, create, and levitate
our thinking.


how high

Go beyond the top layer, we’ve put together a list of additional group excursions and trip ideas to take your experience to the next level. 

Who is it for?


We’re looking for people who can travel a minimum of 4 months to a year. We seek those who bathe in curiosity and are captivated by conversation, culture and community; those that are unapologetic in their identities, and purposeful in their work and endeavors. We strive to curate experiences that coincide with and complement black culture, and we hope to fill a gap in the travel industry, our culture, our mindsets, and our history.

It’s a journey of self-care, growth, and discovery as much as it is travel.


This can manifest itself into
people who are:


- freelancers or entrepreneurs


- remote workers


- in neEd of a break from their 9 to 5


- in transition


- searching for more


- not even sure anymore


What is the process?


You desire more fulfillment > 


You want to not only travel, but bond with a small community of like-minded people > 


You have combed through our website and instagram, and connect with the vibe >


You fill out an application and pour pieces of your soul into it >


You get a request for a video interview >


You are accepted, and start planning the next chapter of your life...