for the culture

The HUSH is a small, private community of exceptional, like-minded black nomads, intellectuals, creatives, and entrepreneurs who are looking for a dope caravan of kindreds to travel and explore the world with, vibe with, and grow with. These are people who are socially-conscious, open-minded, creatively inspired, and seeking more organic and fulfilling connections and experiences.

THE HUSH is deeper than travel. It’s an experience, a community, a vibe, a family. We like to think of it as a small, traveling caravan of 20-30 souls who share a connection and travel together geographically, mentally, creatively, and soulfully. We live as locals, within the same neighborhoods abroad, and work in the same co-working spaces. 

We have a balance of structure and togetherness — of being inspired by and thriving off of each other, and private time to retreat and reset in the comfort of our homes or privacy of independent discovery. We thrive off of the sense of community we radiate en bloc, bonding through our own culture and shared experiences - all while living in captivating and storied communities around the world, growing personally and collectively through immersion in local cultures and explorations. 



THE HUSH was founded by two unapologetic black women— a designer and a lawyer. The strangers turned friends and travel partners are looking to change the narrative and expand the opportunity for the black community to see more, be more and experience more than 9 to 5s, glass ceilings, routines, and hashtags, and bathe the world in our brown glory.

Having experienced other travel options and programs, they were left feeling empty, disconnected and underwhelmed, like something was missing. They were left searching for a community vibe, for something real, something fulfilling, something for us, by us. They were also tired of the superficial, sensationalized ways travel has been documented across the internet without soul, and the growing number of travelers more interested in stacking passport stamps and selfies for Instagram than finding a new perspective of themselves in their travels, and new people to vibe with along the way.

Searching for this authentic community experience and dosing it with a desire to get more black presence in travel, they came together, and created THE HUSH — an escape from the lethal cycle of routine; an opportunity to live, explore, and be free; and, most importantly, a community to connect with.